Friday, April 30, 2010

Food Storage Made Easy

Some time ago I discovered the book "I Can't Believe It's Food Storage". It is a great resource for using your long term food storage in your every day meals. The book starts out with ideas of how to introduce using food storage to your family, including Family Home Evening ideas. Then it has several sections wheat, beans, etc. The recipes are easy and yummy . More than that though it helps you to see all the possibilities with the recipes you already have.

I discovered the author of the book, Crystal Godfrey, shares a set of sister blogs with 2 other women. The set is one of the most helpful places for provident living that I have found. The first blog is all about planning for emergency preparedness and for your food storage. You can find it here:

Food Storage Made Easy

The last post they made gave a great handout you can print (you need to download the PDF file). It has some great lists for a family plan, disaster kit and evacuation. Just a couple of days ago they made a post on powdered milk that would go well with the information on the blog I posted earlier. If you are barely starting your food storage (and if you're not) they start you out with baby steps. One of the great things they have is software to help you plan for 3 month food storage.

The next blog is:

This blog gives you ideas on finding items for good prices, recommends products, helps you budget and gives resources for buying different items.

The last blog is Everyday Food Storage. The author of this blog is the one who wrote the book I talked about above. She has a wealth of information on using your food storage.

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