Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I briefly reviewed I Can't Believe It's Not Food Storage on Good Reads the other day and someone commented that they like the cheesecake recipe.  I got to thinking about it as I was sitting here and thought I should see if it is on the Everyday Food Storage site.  Now I don't know if it is the same since this post was just made in April, but it sounds promises.  A cheesecake that is low fat and made from powdered milk.  And here is the recipe.

To make it you have to use yogurt cheese made from yogurt.  After having made it on my own I can say I like homemade yogurt with powdered milk much better than store bought yogurt.  I was really surprised at that.  You can find the directions along with a yogurt making handout at the same link.  Or check out the directions from my milk class near the end of that post.

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