Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Case Lot Sales

Case Lot Sales are here or are coming, depending upon the store. I found an excellent resource to help you in deciding where to buy items: Prepared LDS Family. This woman has created a table of some every day priced foods and case lot priced foods so that you can tell who has the least expensive foods. It also lists brand names and packaging. It's 18 pages, but I was able to print it doubled sided, two pages to a page so there is not so much printing and paper. (I don't recommend that small if you need larger lettering).

What interested me was that it showed that one store didn't fit all needs. Here are some things to consider when purchasing your food:

LDS cannery bulk bags
  • Often (not always) the cheapest on dry goods
  • Need to find a way to package long term
  • Need to purchase buckets and other items to store long term
  • Can be heavy and hard to carry.
  • Can be hard to open if stored in buckets with regular lids. (Gamma seal lids are wonderful to have on the bucket you are currently using!)

LDS cannery cans
  • More expensive than bulk dry goods, but in small amounts it is often the cheapest
  • No need to package when you get home for long term storage.
  • No need to purchase any packaging to store them or oxygen packets, dry ice etc. to keep them from bugs
  • Rodents have a hard time getting into them
  • May rust, especially in humid climates or damp basements
  • Easier to handle and open

Warehouse Stores
  • Often the lowest prices in some items
  • Need membership to shop there
  • Limited selection of items or brands
  • Can buy as much as you want
  • May need to find a way to package long term

Sales and Caselot Sales
  • On some items there is no better time or place to get the lowest price
  • Variety of items and brands
  • Often limited in amount bought, either by store or by stores stocking enough items for sale
  • May need to find a way to package long term

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