Thursday, February 24, 2011

Self-Guided Canning Class

I'm getting ready to can some turkey.  I bought it last November when the price was good, threw it in the freezer (OK, I just set it in the freezer) and just got done thawing it in the fridge this week.  I'll be cutting some of it into chunks, cooking the dark meat and making stock and then canning all of that.  After my experience canning chicken I'm kind of excited about this.

Anyway, I was looking at USU extension to find the exact canning instructions and found they now have a Self Guided Canning Class Powerpint presentation.  You can find it here.

I went through it and learned a number of things that I didn't know before.  For example, I always knew that I shouldn't change add more peppers in a salsa recipe when I was doing the water bath method, but I didn't know you can change that if you can it in the pressure cooker if you process it as if it were a bottle of peppers instead of salsa.  Take a look at it.  You might learn something as well.

I'm not an expert in Powerpoint so maybe I am doing this wrong, but I found that sometimes in the presentation the words were hidden by the picture or vice versa.  If you find that is the case for you as well you can click on the words of the picture and move them around a little to where you can read them.

Oh, and here is what got me excited to can turkey.  You can find how to can it here and how to can turkey stock here.

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