Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dishes, Dishes, Everywhere

I think I'm about to toss all the dishes out and live only on paper plates and cups! When I said that living on food storage wasn't that hard I lied. OK, well I didn't lie. The cooking part is pretty easy, but the clean up is much more work. I'm only exaggerating a little.

There is more dish washing when you aren't eating out, aren't buying your pizza crust or your pie crust. There is also more dish washing when you are re-hydrating carrots or onions etc. Often you can just mix in food (like milk or eggs) and then add extra water, but some foods just don't work that way. So I obviously didn't have my 3 month supply of dish washing soap, but even if I had it wouldn't have lasted since we run through it more.

So I'm doing lots of hand washing and I'm searching the net for homemade dish washing soap. So far the two recipes have left tons of film on the dishes - love this hard water. I'm almost thinking it's worth the water softener.

Have we really been living on our food storage?

Someone asked me the other day if we have really been able to live on what we have stored. The answer is yes - with the exceptions I mentioned at the beginning and sort of one other. Rex had a couple of meals provided by work when they were in the middle of crunch time at work. I had a meal served at a meeting I went to. Brady had a meal at a birthday party.

The one thing I felt guilty about was the muffins. Brady had a marching band garage sale fundraiser. We bought muffins to sell at the garage sale. I debated and debated on how many to buy. The sales were downright pitiful. So the kids and I each had one of the leftovers. After the garage sale we took all of the leftover stuff to DI, along with the rest of the muffins. The volunteers appreciated those muffins. But I'm feeling guilty about that so we are extending this month long experiment by one day.

So now you know.

CERT class

I just finished the CERT class and I'm glad I did. I was pretty nervous about it, but it was really nice to get the hands on practice of what to do in an emergency. When I first looked at the length of the class (21 hours) I wasn't so excited about it. But after having gone through it I wish we could have had more hands on. Luckily, once you have been through training you can go to other CERT disasters to practice more.

Car Kits

For those in our ward who missed it - we are working on car kits this year. Every once in awhile we will be announcing suggestions of items to get in your kit. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to get everything together so if you just concentrate on 1 or 2 items to put in your kit then it won't be quite so bad.

So this week be on the look out of whatever container you would like to store it in. Backpacks are a great thing to grab and go, but depending on what you are putting in your kit they may not have enough room. You may want to consider putting a 72 hour kit in a backpack and then storing that in a larger box with items such as flares of booster cables.


  1. I hope you post your family's favorite food storage recipes...I desperately need some additional recipes on the dinner menu rotation.

  2. Nicole - I'm sorry it took so long to get back to you. I'm hoping to update on everything this Sunday.