Sunday, May 9, 2010

Living on Food Storage Day 8

I feel funny with that title. How many of us are thinking we are living on food storage if we haven't gone grocery shopping in 8 days? Yet, I know from watching the news about past hurricanes that 8 days is quite a stretch for some people to go. I wish that food storage were taught more widely so that people wouldn't have to suffer like some have when they didn't have a week's worth of food.

There is much I have learned from this. I find it amazing that I learned on just my first day. Looking ahead to no food shopping for a month changes your perspective right away. Things I've learned:

Make from scratch foods often enough that they are not a novelty (or at least often enough so they are less of a novelty!) Even though the ravenous wolves understand homemade bread and granola will be the standard in the house for the next month it hasn't stopped them from devouring it. When I buy bread I usually freeze a loaf or two because it will be eaten so slowly. When we make bread it disappears before our eyes.

It teaches you to use your money more wisely. I mentioned that this wasn't a no money exercise. Just a using food storage exercise. It's been interesting to me though, how much I have second thoughts on buying all sorts of stuff now. I've little things I wouldn't have thought twice of before can wait. Now every time I think of spending something unnecessary I think of Elder Hales' talk Becoming Provident Providers Temporally and Spiritually.

It helps children budget. I have a child that can't seem to hang on to money. Occasionally this child will surprise us when he/she actually has money saved. When we started this the child had enough lunch money for 5 meals. I was thrilled when instead of getting upset the child counted up all the Wednesdays in the month. You see, on Wednesday the school has gravy something and this child loves gravy. Now this child is forgoing other beloved meals to make sure there is enough money in the account for the meal.

Don't forget to store personal care items. I usually buy a case of toilet paper when I buy it. I haven't bought any lately though and our supply has dwindled. You never keep an eye on your supplies like you do when you are afraid you will run out.

Don't forget your seasonings. Wheat and rice and beans etc. are great for long term storage. I've got meat and fruits and veggies in cans and in the freezer. But at some point I'm afraid I will run out of a few of my most used seasonings. I think my almond extract will probably be the first to go. I don't fear that I am going to run out of food by the end of the month, but I do fear that some of it won't have a lot of flavor.

Heavenly Father blesses us when we do what He asks. One of my concerns was fresh fruit and veggies. Last year we planted our first garden. We failed at growing lettuce. I think we had enough for 2 small servings of salad. At the end of the year we let the garden go. This spring we found the lettuce had gone to seed and it was springing up everywhere in the garden and out.

We really didn't need the lettuce last summer and fall, but Heavenly Father has blessed us with it now. He will bless all His children if they just try. Find out what He wants you to do. Buy just one extra can for your food storage each time you go. Try an easy food storage recipe. Save an extra dollar from your paycheck. Then look around to see where your own lettuce leaves are growing.

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