Monday, May 3, 2010

Living on Food Storage

From time to time people tell me they heard that in some ward or another a bishop called families to live on their food storage for a month. Several years ago in my last stake several families were asked to do this. It was interesting to hear of their experiences. I've since heard that bishops have been asked not to do it because of the hardship it creates for some families.

I started thinking about this yesterday and we decided to try it. (Some of you have heard about my goals - this is my newest one.) We didn't run out and get a bunch of supplies today. This can't be planned for.

I felt strongly that we shouldn't create too much hardship on my family because this is my goal, not theirs. So since I promised Brady shakes tonight for FHE I got the ice cream for that. Pet food and medical supplies don't count.

The children can use what lunch money they have left in their accounts, but we won't replenish it till they are done except for milk or juice. (That means I'll need to be making bread for sandwiches etc.) And if we have a work lunch that would be difficult not to attend it also doesn't count.

This isn't a no spending month. It's more geared to food storage and consumables. So no buying shampoo, tooth paste etc. No going out to eat. No cleaning supplies.

Rex says it has already changed his thinking about some things. I'm thinking about how I will have to plan my time better to make a lot of things from scratch and from long term food storage, but I'm excited.

Wish me luck. I'll report on my on my progress throughout the month.


  1. Wow Patty - very brave! I'll be following your post and wishing you well. I think our family was asked to do something like this about 30 years ago. I'm not sure it was an entire month, but I remember a lot of sprouts, bulgar, powdered milk, and being glad our garden was producing. Good luck and I'm sure we'll all learn something vicariously! -Marie D

  2. Thanks Marie! I'm laughing because those are some of the same things I'm going through.